Anthony Award Nomination!

I was thinking that I needed to blog today, and wasn’t sure what to start with, but when I got up this morning, I found out that the Anthony nominations had been announced, and I’m on the list for Best Short Story with “How Stella Got Her Grave Back” in Many Bloody Returns!

As you can imagine, excitement is high in the Kelner household. I’ve made a number of calls, sent a slew of e-mails, and now this blog. And the company I’m keeping is amazing:  Rhys Bowen, Laura Lippman, Steve Hockensmith, and Daniel Woodrell. Oh my stars and garters!

So you can be sure that come October, I’ll be at Bouchercon in Baltimore with a big grin on my face!

The whole glorious nomination list is on the Bouchercon site:

2 thoughts on “Anthony Award Nomination!

  1. Many congrats, Toni…you model both persistence and talent. In case anyone out there has a serious case of the “poor mes” they just have to look at you and think…well, now maybe I’ll write a new series, some great short stories…keep my hat in the ring, and whammo! That hat’s getting bigger and better and now we all wanna be wearing that hat.

    I know what a good short story writer you are. The nomination is well-deserved.


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