Forward, into the Past

It’s 2011, and now that the Christmas decorations are put away–more or less–it’s time to think about what’s coming up, and I’ve got lots to look forward to.  In fact, I’ve got so much I’m breaking it into more than one post to keep this from being too long!

The big excitement of the new year is the February 2 release of Blast from the Past, the third “Where are they now?” mystery.

This time freelance entertainment reporter Tilda Harper is immersed in the worlds of comic books and movies. Before becoming an action film star, John Laryea appeared on The Blastoffs, a cheesy Saturday morning kid’s show about a rock band in space. His former co-star, Pete Ellis, now drives a limo for a living. So when someone tries to run Laryea over, Ellis becomes the prime suspect-and it’s up to Tilda to clear his name.

I love this cover, and here’s a secret about it. It was actually completed before I handed in the final draft of the manuscript–I may have been a touch late on my deadline–so I changed the name of a store in the book to match the Choco House on the cover.

Blast from the Past is a mass market paperback release from Berkley Prime Crime, and there will be various electronic editions, too. I’m just glad the folks at Berkley take care of all those conversions.