Learn to Speak Southern

As the mama of two, I believe that there’s nothing more important than a good education, and nothing shows good schooling like a pretty Southern accent. Unfortunately, not everybody has had the benefit of learning how to speak the way they ought to. So to help folks out, I’ve put together this quiz of Southern phrases and figures of speech. Knowing these won’t make you fluent, but as my mama always says, you’ve got to start somewhere.

Don’t forget to rate your results: 
0 – 20%: Honey, I think you’re going to be “pahking your cah in the yahd” forever, bless your heart.
25 – 45%: There’s hope for you yet.
50 – 70%: Not bad, for a Yankee.
75 – 95%: You must have been born on the right side of the Mason-Dixon Line.
100%: Not only are you Southern, but I think you and I are kin.