Games Creatures Play

Just an update on Games Creatures Play, the forthcoming anthology from Charlaine Harris and myself. As the cover copy says, “Sports fans live and die by their teams’ successes and failures—though not literally. But these fifteen authors have written spirited—in more ways than one—new tales of killer competitions that would make even the most die-hard players ask to be benched.”

The book won’t be out until April 1, 2014—just in time for some season for baseball season.  Until then, you can check out the all-star team members we’ve assembled and the sport or game they’ve written about.

Jan Burke—Dodge ball
Dana Cameron—Pankration
Adam-Troy Castro—Hide and seek
Charlaine Harris—Softball
Toni L.P. Kelner—Candlepin bowling
Caitlin Kittredge—Darts and other bar games
William Kent Krueger—Hide and seek
Ellen Kushner—Fencing
Mercedes Lackey—Stock car racing
Joe Lansdale—Boxing
Laura Lippman—Ice skating
Seanan McGuire—Roller derby
Brendan DuBois—Lacrosse
Brandon Sanderson—Cops and robbers
Scott Sigler—Baseball

They’re all MVPs to us!

2 thoughts on “Games Creatures Play

  1. I love the Fleming novels. I have, though, a question that has been niggling at the back of my mind for years. I seem to remember, again, years ago, reading one of these books where Aunt Edna and Caleb are brought together by Laurie Anne. (Since I’m from a small Arkansas town, I cannot call her “Laura”.). However, I’ve just re-read the eight books in the series, and I cannot find the scenes I’m referring to in any of the stories. I’d surely appreciate someone’s help. Thanks, Debbie

    1. Debbie,

      Thanks so much.

      As for the episode you’re asking about, it takes place in the short story “Marley’s Ghost” which was in the anthology MURDER MOST MERRY. The book is long out of print, but if you are really interested, I might be able to send you a file with it. I say “might” because the file is so old I’m not sure I can open it anymore.

      If I can figure it out, would you like the file?

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