Laura Fleming Rides Again!

The books in my Laura Fleming series have been out of print for some time now, which is not a happy thing for an author. But she’s coming back, in a big way. Well, in large print anyway. On October 16, 2009, Kennebec Large Print will be releasing a large print edition of Mad as the Dickens. I loved the cover Kensington originally did for this book, but I love this new one, too.


Mad as the Dickens is my Christmas in Byerly book. With Christmas approaching, Laura planned to curl up in her Boston apartment with her English professor husband, Richard, to await the birth of their first child. But when her cousin Vasti asks Richard to direct A Christmas Carol, Laura heads back home for some unpleasant surprises. First, running a play turns mild-mannered Richard into a backstage tyrant. Next, Seth Murdstone, the play’s Scrooge, is a washout as an actor. Worst of all–grimmer than the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come–Seth is brutally murdered.

Library Journal said, “Lots of small-town bickering, family gossip, and not a few private agendas make for an entertaining Southern mystery, the seventh in the series. For all collections.”

Seeing a book come back into print is a great Christmas present for any author, even if it’s only October.